Current Activities and Projects

The Gulf Chamber of Commerce is a vehicle and resource for the encouragement, attraction and support of economic endeavours, small business of all types and sectors, resilience and sustainability across the regions key economic sectors and the future for all who live, work and love the Gulf region.

Currently the Chamber is supporting various businesses and initiatives including the Assistance for Small Business Program with Gulf Savannah Development, ongoing support and promotion for our regional tourism industry and working with Savannah Way Ltd, lobbying and support for the future of sustainable responsible agriculture and the development of Karumba Port, support for the pastoral industry and the live cattle trade and commercial fishing and promotion of local and regional events and activities which bring visitors, raise funds and provide all important economic activity in towns and communities across the region.

Buy Local promotion and support is a key focus along with further representation and promotion to financial institutions on the opportunities across the Gulf the difficulties faced in engaging interested and informed banking representation.  The GSD Investment Prospectus has been one of the important resources to draw together regional data and information which can be disconnected and dispersed over such a large region.  The Chamber seeks to further update this important document to maintain and promote a sound economic regional profile