About the Gulf Chamber of Commerce

A-Mustering-400As a registered chamber of commerce in Australia, our organisation is not for profit and driven by our members.

The Chamber is considered to be a ‘grass roots’ organisation to assist in the Gulf Region’s future growth & development as a vibrant business community, passing on the benefits to the whole community. In addition this organisation seeks to coordinate and provide a strong united voice for the area.  

Some of the objectives for the Gulf Chamber of Commerce are:

  • Lobbying and representation with Local Government, State & Federal Government
  • A contact point for links or contacts for  business guidance and referrals to other businesses
  • Information point for key business changes in the region to assist in your business operation and development – distribution of information from Government and other agencies eg: ATO notices, workshops, changes to licensing/accreditation etc
  • Promote new and existing business and economic activity across the region
  • Develop strategic links to key organisations both within the region and those located elsewhere - benefiting businesses and economic activity for the region
  • Active leadership and strong voice for Commercial, Civic and Industrial issues
  • Networking with other businesses
  • Access to Network of National Chambers of Commerce

Please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like any further information.