A-River-Scene-400Welcome to the Gulf Chamber's website.  Started in 2011, the chamber seeks to engage, support and link businesses in all sectors across the Gulf of Carpentaria region.  Member driven, it is comprised of businesses and organisations with an interest in the Gulf Region with the aim of providing information, services and support. 

Our chamber faces various challenges - not the least of which is the size of the region and distance between towns - economic activity is diverse and includes numerous pastoral properties and associated industry, mining, tourism, commercial fishing, transport, retail, trades and services.  We are all volunteers at this stage, working to build a strong voice, develop action focused goals and associated projects as well as providing a useful network to share information, issues and ideas for our gulf business community. 

One of our early projects involved a productive partnership to develop a dedicated Gulf Savannah tourism website.  Partners include the Councils of Etheridge, Croydon, Carpentaria and Burke, Savannah Way Pty Ltd and Queensland State Govt through Tourism Queensland and DEEDI.  This website offers opportunities across the region for promoting events, tourism news and regional investment opportunities.  By organisations listing at no charge their community events on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse/Queensland Tourism site - they automatically link to over 60+ sites nationally - so a great way to increase the regional profile and promote your fundraiser events and special activities such as rodeo's, fishing competitions, musical events and fete's and food experiences.

Other issues being dealt with in an ongoing way include power supply/cost and reliability, communications/internet, road networks, buy local initiatives, supporting the future of the Gilbert River and Flinders River Irrigation Schemes, support for the future of the live cattle export trade, supporting a long term sustainable future for the Gulf commercial fishing/prawn industry, promoting co-opetition across the region and encouraging new investment and diversification.  Another very important issue is that of financial institutions perspectives and attitudes towards business investment and engagement across the region.

The Chamber actively supported the now online 5MW Solar PV Power Station in Normanton and further information on this can be found by clicking here .  We have undertaken various representations and media opportunities across a number of issues including communications, Karumba Port and the live cattle export industry, tourism promotion regionally, regional representation and communication and many more since forming.

Please feel free to contact us is you would like any more information or if you would like to support or assist the Gulf Chamber as we develop and grow.